amagdalyn (amagdalyn) wrote,


This is what I don't like about my diet (not like "I'm on a diet this week" but my food intake in general):

For breakfast, I can eat a zucchini-carrot-ginger muffin (homemade - yummy), a banana, and a bottled Starbucks frap.
For lunch, I can eat a poblano chicken salad sandwich on honey-wheat bread, a bowl of parsnip soup (also homemade - also yummy), and a bottle of lime sparkling water.
For a snack, I can have two slices of watermelon.
And I can think to myself what a good job I did of eating relatively healthy and balanced foods.
And then I can be in the car on the way home at 415pm and be STARVING in that panicky, crabby, low-blood-sugar way, and come home to eat the first thing I see (which, luckily for me yesterday, was a slice of homemade tomato tart) and still want dinner later (which, luckily only for my tastebuds but not my health, was Olive Garden never-ending pasta bowl).
Tags: food, health
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